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Teacher:"Okey Kids Dont forget you all have a trip tomorrow to the museum..."
I allready knew everything there is about greek mythology and I was like 10 times there but daddy still made me go there...oh.. so last week the teacher gave as paper that the prants need to sign and sence I have dislexy and ADHD I asked my friend Sean.Sean is a... a... he has problem with his legs and its been like that for life.He is tall and blond and has freckless like I do and brown eyes like I do but my hair is...reddish,Chocolate brown.
I didnt realy remember my mom because when she left I was 6 monthes old...
But before she left she gave me some silver braclate...,I dont know why ,I dont even remember her name anymore.Everytime I ask my dad he has to go somewhere or do something... He never answerd...
Oh... Yeah... I forgot... My name is Miley,Miley Jones ^^
and Im 11 years old, acually 11.5
"So whats on your mind?"I hard sean
"You look... Worried"
"I dont know. I just have a
:iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 3 0
Happy B. day Sage by PernnyMuppet13 Happy B. day Sage :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 1 0 My new Style by PernnyMuppet13 My new Style :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 1 2 AT with xX-connley-Xx by PernnyMuppet13 AT with xX-connley-Xx :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 2 2
Hidden world part 1
I woked up dreesed ate and went out ofcourse my dad remind me to take my silver braclate he says that he is "magical" but I dont belive him...
as usul I rided my bike to school and entered it I dont really have "friends" cuz they think Im weirdo but I get them - a smart girl who have dislexy and ADHD.
the first lesson pst the second too and before I notice I ws in the cafetiry putting an empty fork in my mouth... I looked at my braclate and notice that there something is written on it I tried to read it and I did it I read whats on it its says Athena in greek I jumped on the table and shouted: " I did it I finally read something!" everybody looked at me "Okey... I will sit down now..."I sayed the teacher caught me "Detention !Today!" she sayed
the day ended I was in detention drewing some blond girl with an orange shirt and grey eyes fighting and monster with a boy with black hair and green eyes suddenly I heared a huge crush the teacher went out to check it and I looked out of the
:iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 0 0
I dont know what love is by PernnyMuppet13 I dont know what love is :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 1 0 Sorry I hate you by PernnyMuppet13 Sorry I hate you :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 2 2 I love you by PernnyMuppet13 I love you :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 3 0 Sorry Im dead by PernnyMuppet13 Sorry Im dead :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 0 0 Couples by PernnyMuppet13 Couples :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 0 2 Eye taturial - SAI by PernnyMuppet13 Eye taturial - SAI :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 4 0 W.I.P -Sorry I dead by PernnyMuppet13 W.I.P -Sorry I dead :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 0 0 My dog- My soul by PernnyMuppet13 My dog- My soul :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 0 0 Jacob... by PernnyMuppet13 Jacob... :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 2 0 Miley Jones - ID by PernnyMuppet13 Miley Jones - ID :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 3 10 Jacob - Cuz I love him by PernnyMuppet13 Jacob - Cuz I love him :iconpernnymuppet13:PernnyMuppet13 1 5
I got Athena!!!
and this is the quiz I taked and I got Athena Thats is so true and it saying you are very wise and are sometime rood.your intellingent and you care alot about your friends . you are very intresting and very beautiful/handsome. you think owls are cool.If your a girl your a tomboy.!!!! and I am a tomboy :D


It's Sparkling Bed Time by KaiChika It's Sparkling Bed Time :iconkaichika:KaiChika 46 2 It's August the 18th by EmmyMaxie It's August the 18th :iconemmymaxie:EmmyMaxie 120 38 Harry Potter Chibis by muffinwifblueberries Harry Potter Chibis :iconmuffinwifblueberries:muffinwifblueberries 104 20 Holy shit, Eclipse Won by AnnikaClarisse Holy shit, Eclipse Won :iconannikaclarisse:AnnikaClarisse 76 20 Happy Birthday Padfoot by Ashe1313 Happy Birthday Padfoot :iconashe1313:Ashe1313 10 0 get up by burdge get up :iconburdge:burdge 7,457 1,274 Before Horses 2 by Ashe1313 Before Horses 2 :iconashe1313:Ashe1313 21 13
I hate --
I hate that I have nothing better to do than to make this list.
I hate how I'm going to make about 43578978 typos while writing this.
I hate how I'm too lazy to go back and fix said typos.
I hate that I don't have word office or whatever to correct my typos.
I hate that my computer crashes every other month.
I hate how I still don't use a flash drive to back my work up.
I hate that I had so many unfinished, near-completion pictures I lost because of said crash.
I hate how long it takes me to finish art trades.
I hate how people take shit so seriously.
I hate that I used to take shit so seriously.
I hate how people can take the -internet- so seriously.
I hate that there will be those few select people who take these lists seriously.
I hate how out of those people, a few of them will pretend to take it seriously, but they really don't, and are just arguing for the lulz.
I hate how much I love reading do it for the lulz's stuff.
I hate yaoi.
I hate yaoi's incredibly scary fan base.
I hate
:iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 2,290 1,699
What Facebook thinks... by DaughterOfNyx10 What Facebook thinks... :icondaughterofnyx10:DaughterOfNyx10 4 11 Annabeth vs Rachel by Princess-Hazel Annabeth vs Rachel :iconprincess-hazel:Princess-Hazel 620 223
Default Brushes Paint Tool Sai
Default Tool Settings for Easy Paint Tool Sai
I couldn't find these any where so I figured I'd just down load a new copy of Sai and write down the configurations.
Paint Tool Sai has some great features but it is  missing a few things, like a tool reset button.
But fortunately now we'll all know what the settings are and can manually reset them :
Tip style:  Square (1st)
Min Size : 0%
Density: 100%
Simple Circle
No Texture
Quality: 1 Fastest
Edge Hardness : 0
Min Density : 0
Max Dens Prs. : 0
Hard Soft 100
Press: Size Checked.
Air Brush
Tip style:  Thin rounded (4th setting)
Min Size : 50%
Density: 50%
Simple Circle
No Texture
Quality :1 Fastest
Edge Hardness : 0
Min Density : 0
Max Dens Prs. : 100%
Hard Soft 100
Press: Dens Checked, Size Checked
Tip style:  No Tip
Min Size : 50%
Density: 100%
Fine_Round_1 Brush Type   Brush Shape Affection:  50
No Texture
Blending: 50 %
Dilution : 0%
:iconlady-cybercat:lady-cybercat 666 127
My Homeboys by thenameisbichie My Homeboys :iconthenameisbichie:thenameisbichie 571 296 PJatO - Female Cast Sketch by Thatu PJatO - Female Cast Sketch :iconthatu:Thatu 235 75 Sketches of Awesome by Ashe1313 Sketches of Awesome :iconashe1313:Ashe1313 2 3 Oh Leo Valdez... by chloisssx3 Oh Leo Valdez... :iconchloisssx3:chloisssx3 1,647 405



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27 / 200
2- half body line art
3- Colored half body
4- Line art full body
5- Colored full body
Can Do animals and Human but still learning ;3
if there more than 5 points you will get a group in drewing

(c) by PernnyMuppet13 not staeling and giving credit to yourself

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:iconpernny-muppet: ... yeah there.... I moved there like what? a year ago allready.... oh wow.... oh fuck... so I forgot to tell ya....
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You can call me Apollo
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Current Residence: Camp Half Blood New York,Lond Island
deviantWEAR sizing preference: NEVER ASK A LADY THAT
Favourite photographer: Me and =Ronaaa
Favourite style of art: anime and Fantasy



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broken-swallow Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you what happend with ~LukaLukaGreen ?
I'm worried about her.
Thanks! :heart:

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היייייייייייייייייייי יש מצב את תביאי לי את פרסי ג'קסון 3 אני פשוט לא משיגה אותו ואני חייבת לקרוא אותו!!!!

את תוכלי להביא לי אותו באחד מהימים הראשונים ללימודים???

אעאעאעאע סיימתי לקרוא את משחקי הרעב 2!!!

בצד של מי את??????

פיטה או גייל?
אני לגמרי בצד של פיטה :P

יאא אני חייבת לדבר איתך...

סיימת תשיעורים??

יש משו חוץ ממתמטיקה ואנגלית??

ושאלה אחרונה:
מה קורה??


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i did it!!!! look :la:
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